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Infinity San

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>>/b/1788 - fuck off, nigger faggot
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24 February 2020 - Front page and banner are now cached. Return of "Recent posts"
Front page is now refreshing every 60 seconds, banners every 30. First one was generating per refresh, later it was changed to static page.

"Recent posts" were buggy and then I accidentally removed it. I found code of it in oldest released version of IB software. It's now working correctly, unlike old version.

12 February 2020 - Emotes and changes on front page
Emotes are old news, List

Board list on front page now includes user created boards.

21 January 2020 - Rebranding
Rodentchan is rebranding into Infinity-San.
I will maybe buy domain, but there is "maybe" word.

All board except /a/, /b/, /paste/, /news/ and user-created are pruned.
Default theme is now set to Mint

22 December 2019 - Pruned next unused boards
I pruned some custom unused boards and /i/. Next board will be /ph/.
Also, I created /news/ board (id unrelated), you can use it for complainants, as microblog or anything you want. It is like /b/ but without threads.

12 December 2019 - Trying to make this imageboard less dead
Some globals boards like porn containiment boards and /t/ were deleted few days ago, now I deleted /intl/.
Dividing users between many boards is not good idea, also it is making moderating more hard.
User-created boards are still deleted with same rules as before.

I will post more frequent than before.

14 November 2019 - Rebranding, fixes and new boards
Rodentchan becomes Rodentchad because why not?
Added boards:
  • /r/ - Requests
  • /t/ - Torrents
  • /fur/ - Furry
  • /s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women
  • /h/ - Hentai

  • Fixed theme changing, and later all boards will be upgraded to new DesuIB. Planning to add name, pass and email field saving.

    23 October 2019 - Created pastebin-like service
    Currently supports:
  • moderating
  • title
  • nickname
  • list of pastes

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